Our Food Philosophy

Tuscany offers a rich and fertile culinary culture, one steeped in history and the flavours of the region are reflected in the food that is grown and cooked by generations of Tuscan chefs. Meo Modo by Andrea Mattei is a fine dining experience like no other, with Michelin starred food created by award winning chefs. Located within the gardens of boutique hotel Borgo Santo Pietro’s country estate, Meo Modo offers home-grown seasonal menus that reflect the true tastes of Tuscany.

Set amidst a thriving country estate, Meo Modo has a ‘farm to plate’ philosophy where the restaurant kitchens are just moments from the hotel’s extensive ‘orto’ where organic vegetables, herbs and honey are harvested throughout the seasons.

Raw, simple authentic Tuscan ingredients are combined with award winning culinary skills to produce the finest Tuscan cuisine all served in the most beautiful of locations. Executive Chef of the Meo Modo Restaurant at Borgo Santo Pietro, Andrea Mattei says, “I want my guests to understand where the dish originates from. You cannot eat the same ingredients anywhere in the world, there needs to be a connection to the place you are in, to the location, the culture and the climate”.

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The Interior

Meo Modo Restaurant is located on the terrace of the stunning 13th Century Villa Borgo Santo Pietro in the heart of Tuscany. The villa and country estate have been lovingly restored into a beautiful, elegant, and luxurious boutique hotel, which offers fine dining at its restaurant Meo Modo overlooking the stunning Valle Serena.

Designed by international designer, Jeanette Thottrup, the restaurant interior seamlessly combines the finest elements of both classic and contemporary design. Classic Italian style interiors that are in keeping with the origins of this elegant building are seamlessly combined fresh contemporary elements giving Borgo Santo Pietro a relaxed country house atmosphere. Taking inspiration from the beautiful gardens and the rural setting of the surrounding countryside, splendid antiques, opulent chandeliers, the finest linens and hand painted murals feature in the Meo Modo Restaurant, altogether creating a comfortable and intimate setting that reflects the restaurant’s ‘timeless’ character.

The terrace at Meo Modo runs along the whole length of the villa and boasts spectacular views of the hotels landscaped gardens, rolling Tuscan hills, woodlands and olive groves.


Our Wine

Tuscany is famous for its grapes and the intimate wine cellar at Borgo Santo Pietro showcases an extensive wine list from the greatest wine region in Italy and also includes exceptional wines from around the world. Our sommeliers can provide expert suggestions and insights into the world of Tuscan wine. At Meo Modo our tasting menus can be accompanied by wines paired to compliment each dish and our wine pairing experience embraces the inherent character of both the dishes produced by our chefs and the wines selected by our sommeliers.

Years of 'Camminare le Vigne' has led us to a wine list that we are very proud of and believe captures Borgo's philosophy . 'Walking the vineyards' as Veronelli would have said, and talking with the winemakers is an approach we consider to be what makes our wine list a unique, loved and well researched proposal.

This is why you won't find many famous mainstream wines or winemakers in our list, as we choose what we love and most importantly, we stick to the traditions, history and culture of winemaking.

Many of our wines are produced in an organic or biodynamic way, showing maximum respect for the process, from vineyard, right up to the bottle of wine on your table.

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Our Chefs

Andrea Mattei, Executive Chef michelin-picc.png

Executive head chef of the Meo Modo Restaurant, Andrea Mattei was born in the province of Lucca in the town of Pietrasanta. Growing up surrounded by natural fresh ingredients, Andrea developed a passion for cooking with simple, fresh seasonal produce from an early age. His unique talent, natural flair and inquisitive style steered him towards a notable career of haute cuisine.

One of the most positive influences in Andrea’s development of culinary technique and skills is Professor Rolando Paganini who was the executive Chef of the Hotel Byron in Forte dei Marmi (now a teacher at the hotel school in Massa Marittima). Under his watchful guidance, Andrea was encouraged and mentored, further developing his competence and performance in the kitchen. Andrea joined the team at La Magnolia restaurant at Hotel Byron during the late 90’s. Military service took him away from his passion for cooking for a while, but on his return he continued to progress his artistic talent whilst working in some of the greatest kitchens across Europe such as the San Domenico in Imola, the 3 star Michelin Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan as well as working with the most celebrated and respected chefs, including Angelo Paracucchi from Carpaccio in Paris, Alain Ducasse at Plaza Athenee and Annie Feolde at Enoteca Pinchiorri. His experiences have also included time spent at Noma in Copenhagen, with Martin Berasategui in Barcelona and Paco Roncero in Madrid.

Travelling and understanding the different techniques and approaches to local cuisines has given Andrea the focus to develop his unique skill and style on working with fresh and natural ingredients sourced locally to create beautifully executed seasonal dishes.

Returning home to the kitchens of La Magnolia in 2003, Andrea once more worked along side Executive Chef Rolando Paganini until he took over the role in 2007. It was during this position, his imagination, care of local ingredients and innovative approach to Tuscan cuisine earned him his first Michelin star in 2011. With his impressive use of what is fresh and in season, regionally home grown produce, which is simple and authentic, combined with award winning culinary skills, Andrea has created a perfect culinary concept.

It is therefore, no surprise that Andrea Mattei, along with his sous-chef Andrea Ferrari and pastry chef Diego Poli have joined the team at Borgo Santo Pietro. As Executive Chef of the Meo Modo Restaurant, Andrea works closely with the hotel’s gardeners on menus that highlight and define his philosophy for fresh homegrown ingredients, presenting the very finest Tuscan cuisine with full respect to the location, the culture and climate of the hotel’s gardens and surroundings.

In December of 2015, Chef Andrea Mattei brought home another Michelin star for Meo Modo Restaurant.

Andrea Ferrari, Executive Sous Chef

Andrea is the sous-chef of Borgo Santo Pietro. Regardless of his young age, Andrea has 15 years of cooking experience. His past experiences have made him into a cook that is prepared both traditionally and innovatively.

After finishing hospitality school, he began working the summer months in Viareggio where he learned basic techniques and traditional cooking, such as making meat and fish, acquiring skills that have made him into the chef he is today. He improved his cooking skills during his journey with Hotel Plaza of Viareggio and Una Hotel of Lido in Camaiore, pursuing internships in restaurants such as Il Piccolo Principe and Romano in Viareggio. After these experiences, he entered in the brigade of La Magnolia of Hotel Byron, to then further his career in improving his professional skills.

Today, Andrea is the sous-chef at Relais Borgo Santo Pietro.

Diego Poli, Executive Pastry Chef

Diego, who is from Versilia, has since a young age, always had a passion for cooking and thus decided to go to a secondary school, specialized in hospitality. He began his career working the summer months in the kitchens of hotels in Versilia.

With the help of professor Paganini, he entered the restaurant brigade for La Magnolia for the Hotel Byron where he became executive chef, and where he also met Andrea Mattei. It was there that their friendship was born, that with time transformed into a tight collaboration.

After his season at the Hotel Byron he decided to further his knowledge in pastry making. He went on to work in the best pastry laboratories in the area. He learned the basics of how to finely make chocolates and decorate cakes.

He returned to catering at the Piccolo Principe at the Hotel Principe in Piemento of Viareggio. After this experience, he became part of the staff of Gherardi a Massarosa Pastries.He worked closely with Massimiliano Bettazzi, Master Pastry Chef, from whom he further refined his chocolate making and learned the basics of high-level pastry making.

During this period, his interest in experimenting inspired him to follow courses and further his experiences with working with mother yeast. He has preserved and been inspired by the recipes of master chefs such as Rolando Morandin and MOF francesi, and has followed courses for gourmet desserts and pastries with persons such as Frederic Bourse and Davide Comaschi.

After years of working in pastry laboratories, he returned to La Magnolia of the Hotel Byron, to then depart for Borgo Santo Pietro, where he is presently the Pastry Chef.


Private Dining Experiences

The Private Grotto

The Grotto Dining Experience is a romantic candle-lit table for up to four people in the grotto area surrounding the infinity pool. Undisturbed by other diners and staff, you receive exclusive service from your own personal waiter and are left to enjoy the breath-taking setting overlooking the Borgo grounds and the Valle Serena hills.

Whether it's a wedding proposal, an anniversary or a special birthday, the Grotto Dining Experience promises to fulfil the most romantic of dreams. Surrounded by roses, wisteria and trailing honeysuckle the atmosphere of the grotto is one of utmost tranquillity, a timeless atmosphere where you will undoubtedly feel ‘lost in the moment’.

The Chef's Table

A special private entertaining space in the kitchen which, provides a fascinating experience where you can observe Chef Andrea and his team creating the gourmet masterpieces right in front of your eyes, complete with all the aromas, sounds and action of the kitchen.

Not only do you get to fully-immerse yourself in the culinary experience, but the head chef will come to your table and help you construct a unique meal based on the foods that you like or wish to taste, allowing you the opportunity to interact with the team as they create your chosen menu and serve you personally. It's like having your own private chef and your own private restaurant!


Our Farm

To reflect the philosophy of Michelin star dining at its very best, Meo Modo Restaurant produces a large percentage of its organic fresh ingredients from its own farm which is at the heart of Borgo Santo Pietro. The kitchen gardens provide enough fruit and vegetables, herbs, eggs and honey to supply the restaurant kitchens with fresh inspiration each season and every year we become more self sufficient and sustainable, expanding to a family of free range Alpacas, pigs, chickens and geese. The farm is an essential element of the Borgo lifestyle where simple honest seasonal ingredients are grown organically and bio dynamically which provides the kitchens with numerous flavours whilst honouring the historical tradition of producing food for this ancient Tuscan hamlet. 

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Meo Modo by Andrea Mattei 

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The restaurant is open for lunch from 13:00 to 15:00 Tuesday-Sunday and for dinner from 19:30 to 22:00 Tuesday-Sunday. Closed Monday all day. Outside seating also available in our charming gardens. 


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